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About The Book

​This is the story of perhaps the greatest leadership journey in American history.

​President Theodore Roosevelt forever transformed America, ushering the country into
the arena of world supremacy.  His brand of leadership is entirely American: ​confident,
compassionate, ​energetic, diverse, visionary.

But Roosevelt was not a born leader; his ascent to the apex of power was not
a foregone conclusion.  He made himself a leader of consequence, and it is
his epic journey to the White House
–a road filled with terrific failures, intimate
introspection, ​and self-made luck
that will inspire readers anew.

While a graduate student at Harvard, author Jon Knokey, a Roosevelt historian and business leader, unearthed hundreds of unpublished letters and interview notes from Roosevelt contemporaries.  These long-forgotten documents provide a fresh and stunning ringside seat along the 26th President’s journey to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The stories from Harvard chaps, idealistic political reformers, coarse cowboys from the Badlands, and tough-as-rawhide Rough Riders from the nation’s interior, all combine to illuminate the maturation process of a man learning to lead at every stage of his life.

​The story of Theodore Roosevelt’s life has been told before.  The story of his leadership journey has not—until now.  Fast paced and written as a biographical narrative, Theodore Roosevelt and the Making of American Leadership places the reader alongside a young Theodore Roosevelt as he shapes events, people, and himself to forever change a country.

​An authentic American style of leadership is created—a style that has endured for over a century.